Thursday, September 27, 2007

PTA Hates Children, America, Freedom

One of my co-workers sent me this story from the New York Times on a topic that I feel like we've covered here before: in towns across this country, many school districts are prohibiting parents from sending cupcakes to school to celebrate birthdays as another tool in their arsenal in war against childhood obesity. Obviously, that's a stupid idea. If you need clarification why, leave a note in the comments and the Cupcake Mafia will pay a visit to your home to do some "convincing". Interestingly, this article notes that the cupcake bakery trend is also gaining traction overseas in London. I don't think it'll breech Continental Europe, but if anyone has any capital they'd like to invest trying to find out, call me.


MCMCMCLY said...

Cupcake bakeries have jumped the shark. How do I know? One just opened up in Eau Claire.

Lexa said...

Why is this such a stupid idea? I realize people should be free to make their own choices and kids are gonna eat what they are gonna eat, etc, but as an adult who struggled with weight up until two years ago, I don't think this is such a bad idea. Part of my problem my whole life has been I cannot eat just one. So, as an adult with more capability to control myself, I think it is my own fault if I cannot stop myself from eating 50 cupcakes in the break room, but kids? They don't posses that maturity or will power. Growing up a fat kid sucks; other children are cruel and it is unhealthy. I don't have issues with schools trying to prevent the glut of crappy foods that kids eat. Losing 65 lbs as an adult sucks; I think we should try to prevent kids from getting their in the first place.

I, of course, will allow my kids to eat "junk food"--I love junk food-- but eating it every time a kid has a birthday is something s/he doesn't need.

jesse said...

we have that article on our fridge