Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Walking in the Zoo

These days, walking in the zoo describes a day in the office, but I am reminded of just a few weeks ago when my dear corporate Oz sponsored a free weekend at the Bronx Zoo and I was able to get in for free and bring some friends. Not everyone was excited about the idea of trekking to the Bronx on one of the hottest Sundays of the summer, in fact, when I posed the idea in a gMail MabelinaBallerina wrote back only "A HA HA HA HA HA" but thankfully Alphabets and Great Dane were game. Alphabets didn't seem to mind the potential for heat stroke and steaming piles of animal feces writing, "Free and monkeys are two of my favorite things."

I wanted to post some of my photos from the zoo here, but unfortunately the two gerbils that run on a wheel to power my computer seem to be in some kind of diabetic coma. So I cribbed these photos from Great Dane's Flickr site. My photos aren't very good, but it's the principle of the thing.

How long does it take to get to the Bronx from Brooklyn? A long freakin' time, especially if you travel on the weekend when all the subway trains are running local.

Great Dane calls this photo "Navigator Nancy". I think the look on my melty, delusional face says, "If I don't see some goddamn penguins soon, heads are going to roll."

And now, for an extra special layer of multimedia enjoyment, I reccomend you listen to the "Zoos" episode of Radio Lab, a new radio show produced by WNYC. Don't miss the segment about the live feeding zoo in China.

Goin' on vacation.


Alicia said...

Your posts crack me up. "two gerbils that run on a wheel to power my computer seem to be in some kind of diabetic coma."

Hey, that hair scarf looks familiar!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm a regular reader of your blog and am excited that you'll soon be coming to my fair city of San Francisco. If you're not weirded out by this email (I promise, I'm not a stalker), and are looking to hang out with some locals, shoot me a line. Would love to finally meet the infamous Cupcake.

Best wishes,
hereishowitsgoingtobe (at)