Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here are some baby sweaters I knit recently. They are gifts for two guys in my office who recently became fathers. That's not 100% the truth, but it's close enough.

Some people are very good at photographing their knitting projects, you get a sense of the project in proportion, a close up of the stitch work, etc.. I'm not good at photographing anything. Each of these sweaters is sized for a 12 month old. The purple one is knit out of a cotton yarn, the green one features a subtle cabling on the sleeves. Each are knit from the top down; I really enjoy this technique because it makes for a minimum of seaming work. These were the first projects where I used crochet techniques for joining seams, edging and creating a loop for a make-shift button hole.

The yarn and pattern comes from my local yarn store, Stitch Therapy on Lincoln Place in Park Slope.


Beta said...

Yay, haven't seen your knitting in these parts for ages. Very nice work :) I like the green yarn with the wooden button.

Cupcake said...

Thanks, B. In reality, I knit like a fiend, but I never think to take and post photos since my photos come out looking like crap and never to justice to the finished projects.