Thursday, March 15, 2007

Where is Robbie? Mo' Money, Mo Problems

The other day, I printed some "Where's Robbie?" designs that the Great Dane made for me and I asked you to contribute your own, because they amuse me to no end and I enjoy knocking my coworkers out of their chairs with my Robbie-laced emails. The participant pool has been small, but the results have been awesome nonetheless.

From the great state of Canada, Carazy Cashew sent in this one:

Apparently Robbie likes cats about as much as I do. (Excellent use of shadow.)

The rest of the submissions come from LeBrookski who is indeed as problem child as her email handle suggests. I've included some of my own copy that I've used in sending out emails to my coworkers. LeBrookski, there are no words.
Subj: Where's Robbie Today?
Text: Oktoberfest? But Robbie, it's March!!
Subj: Robbie doesn't give to Charity.
Text: Do you want to be like Robbie?
Subj: Robbie, no! Not Mike's building!

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