Thursday, March 22, 2007

Softies - Not just an annoying ice cream truck jingle

Hey guys, CraftyCrumbly entered one of her crochet designs into The Softies 2007 Awards and she's a finalist in the food category. (Just trust me on this). Vote for her Frowny Marshmallows here. If you like looking at fun, mod, inspiring crafts, you'll enjoy voting.

What's a softie? Check out Softie Central.


Beta said...

There's something about the word softie that bothers me. I think 2006 was the year of people switching from saying stuffed animal to softie. But I'll admit that softie is probably more accurate for the items it describes than 'stuffed animal' (unless we're OK with calling marshmallows animals).

Alicia Kachmar said...

Hey thanks for doing this! I find out sometime tomorrow!