Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Daily Inspirationz

During this Lenten season, it is not unusual for people to be extra thirsty for spiritual guidance. Or maybe I'm just craving rhymes. Either way, everywhere I'm hearing Jay-z, I'm hearing brilliance. I know you're feeling me too. So, I've decided to produce a Daily Desktop calendar of inspirational Jay-z rhymes. It will be called, of course, "Jay-z Doesn't Need No Mother Fucking Chicken Soup." To-Do: Call LittleBrother and ask him about collaboration.

Here's your daily Shawn:

How could you falter,
when you the Rock of Gibraltar
I had to get off the boat,
so I could walk on water
This ain't no tall order,
his is nothing to me
Difficult takes a day,
impossible takes a week


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