Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's a Red Letter Day.

Today my new supervisor asked me if he could talk to me about involving me in a new project that would just go on and on without end.

"Is it a thinking project?" I asked.

He looked at me. "That depends. Do you want it to be a thinking project? I'm going to be carefully gauging your response here."

I spent about an hour this morning just stapling things. Staring off into space waiting for the copy machine to complete its task and then stapling piles of paper together with the big stapler until I had a blister where my thumb and first finger meet. "I would like a thinking project, please," I said.

My boss, who has the energy of Big Bird, said, "Well, there is not going to be a lot of thinking at first but there is potential for you to think later on."

I believe this is called career advancement.

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Joshua said...

Oh you think you want to think at work, but I'm in school and man do I relish the not thinking time I have at my job.