Tuesday, December 19, 2006

je fais ma toilette

Another Hairspray Smash Hit.

This morning I was getting ready for work, running late. I was flipping my hair around and spraying it with the new Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray. Flip, spray, flip, spray. Then I flipped my head right into my bathroom wall with a loud crack.

I love this story because it is the perfect New York City anectdote. I was running late, in my tiny, cramped apartment, being vain. The end.

Also, it seems that office coffee and Cheerios eaten out of a mug is my new official breakfast. What? That's not the breakfast of champions! This is the breakfast of champions!


Joshua said...

That's funny because that is exactly what I ate for breakfast when I was growing up, right through high school. My mom figured it was better I eat Tasty Kake cupcakes for breakfast than nothing at all. By my jr. year I started taking the vitamins too.

Cupcake said...

Josh, your mother is obviously a very wise and prudent woman. Remind me again what a Tasty Kake cupcake is? Is that a Drake's product?