Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Do a solid for Booger.

A granola bar saved my life tonight. I'm just putting that out there.

The other day I was standing in Duane Reade picking up a prescription. As I was paying, the unusually chipper girl behind the counter asked the woman standing in line behind me, "Are you picking up a prescription? Name please."

"Well," said the woman. "It's for a pet. The name is Goose. Goose MacMillian."

"Oh, that's cool," said the counter girl, by far the stand-out congenial employee of Duane Reade on Flatbush Avenue. I was wondering, can you pick up medication for pets here? I thought that was a Vet thing.

"The medication is for my cat," said the woman behind me. "We're going on a trip and she needs to be sedated." I totally lost interest. Of course Cupcake believes that all cats ought to be sedated right off this mortal coil.

"That's cool," said the counter girl again. "I have a bunny at home and his name is Booger." Okay! Now we're getting somewhere. I began nodding my head encouragingly to say to the girl, if there's more to the story, then let's have it. "See, he's kind of this light brown color, and when I first brought her home, I called her Dusty. But then we found out she was a boy. And my boyfriend said, we couldn't be calling no dude rabbit Dusty. It had to have a tough name, you know? So I just called him Booger." Bravo! All I could do was stand there and nod in admiration. Dude bunny. Booger. It just makes sense.

On an unrelated note (though if you can find a relationship, I'd love to hear it) I think we can all agree the phrase "do me a solid" officially jumped the shark. I suspected as much when Ryan Gosling used the phrase in Half Nelson, something like, "Come on bro, do me a solid," and amidst all the crack use and child endangerment I had to giggle, "Ryan Gosling just said 'do me a solid'". Well, today as I was listening to the WNYC pledge drive, I heard radio talk show host Brian Lehrer implore listeners to "do a solid for WNYC", thereby dragging the phrase down to new levels of white boy lameness. You are now free to use this phrase with ironic impunity.


Lord of the Barnyard said...

do me a solid? i've never heard his before in my life. how would one use it?

word verification: ouooh.
said in the style of a 12 year old girl discussing something romantic with sarcasm

jesse said...

I invented a new phrase so I wouldn't be like everyone else- do me a proper. Pretty good, right? who's with me?

Cupcake said...

Really, so "do me a solid" never made it to whatever rural patch you have laid down your pitchfork, Farmer Drew?

"Do me a propper" has serious legs.