Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Carat Cake

From Reuters:

A confection billed as the most expensive wedding cake in the world makes
its debut on Monday night in Beverly Hills, but is likely to cause indigestion.
The extravagant $20 million diamond-studded wedding cake ... is the star
attraction of the Luxury Brands Bridal Show and will be unveiled on exclusive
Rodeo Drive ... The cake is protected by a team of uniformed security guards at
all times, she said. And there's no way it will ever be eaten.

Do you know what we call a $20 million cake that you can't eat? A waste of a good cake, you dumb Barbies. Only in Beverly Hills. Well, I guess it saves running to the bathroom to throw up and risking the chance on missing out on Mambo No. 5.

Above is a photo of Smarty and Fribs' wedding cake. Next to it you will see a Revolutionary War Sword that was used in the battle of Bunker Hill and has been used to cut the wedding cake by nine generations of women in Smarty's family. I think. Uncle George was making some kind of speech to that effect but I was distracted by his uncanny resemblance to Howard Dean.

It was impossible to get any good photos of the bride and groom feeding each other cake, because they both constantly had their backs turned to the audience. Hm, no Drama Club geeks there, I'm afraid. The Maid of Honor was trying to yell at them to turn around but they only had eyes for each other.

The cake was a wonderful incentive to get the Wedding Party to circulate. "Hi, I'm the Maid of Honor. Thanks for coming. Are you going to eat your cake? Oh. You are?" Well, it was very delicious cake.

Next to the cake you see my bouquet with the pink, orange and red tones. It was a beautiful bouquet that matched my dress perfectly but it was also quite heavy. After about an hour, I was just about done with it. I dreamed of taking the flowers into the woods behind the reception hall and saying, "I'm releasing you into the wild. You're free!" Instead I settled on this little trick: whenever someone came up to me to admire my flowers I would say, "Why thank you. Yes, they are beautiful, would you like to hold them?" Because what person could resist playing with a big, beautifully carrying bouquet? They I would walk away and heads towards the punch (never got there). Someday I plan to do the same thing with my baby with sweetums gets to be a little too much for mummy to carry.

Welcome back from the Honeymoon Smarty and Fribs!

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