Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Long Dump Goodbye

First of all, when did I change the colors on this blog? Was I high? This looks awful. I want the pink back. I guess when I have a moment, I should figure out how to do that.

Secondly, a most excellent blog called it quits yesterday, The Daily Dump. Now, I don't want to be held responsible for this in any way but I have noticed that ever since I went on "hiatus" a lot of bloggers have been throwing the towel in. I understand that the temptation is great. The blog giveth and the blog taketh away until one day the blog has taken over your life. However I am truly sad to see this one go. My one note to Dan is that if you are abandoning the blog to try to clamp down on your focus and get some "real" work done, forget it pal. You might as well download Snood and set up a MySpace account now. Real work ain't gonna happen.

But let us now pay hommage to this most excellent blog with a sampling of some posts that are truly fit to bear the name "dump". Try it. You will laugh until you cry.

My Standard Three Day Late Take on Important News

Know What's Really Jerky? Being an Old Jerk.

McDonald's Has Trouble Expressing Itself

Now I Can Never Return to Century 21

Cool Runnings and other puns for another post about my Refridgerator

Top Five Game Shows of my Youth: #2 (All are worth Reading)


Joshua said...

Yes, this new color scheme burns my retnas and a little bit my soul. It almost makes me not want to read the blog as much, but nothing could do that.

I ever so briefly considered not blogging anymore what with the boss sitting behind me and the grad school, but I'll find a way.

Cupcake said...

Change is good. Except for when change is bad. The old colors are back. I got a little power mad with blogger beta. I'm all better now.

Anonymous said...

I too, am sad that the Daily Dump is no longer. I had just added it to my blogroll not long ago! I also am grateful to you for changing your color scheme back (and for coming back from hiatus!). Purple is my favorite color, but even I couldn't read your blog anymore. :( Can Blogger beta take away the arrows? I always feel like I am being instructed to scroll DOWN THIS WAY for the Cupcake brilliance. hee