Thursday, September 14, 2006

Das Biberende

My home state is very beautiful. Sometimes I forget this, because these days when I go home, I usually end up sitting on my father's couch watching HiDef TV.

High definition real life is better.

Here the Germans are contemplating the breath-taking majesty of the ocean. They agreed that the only thing that could make the sight more awesome is that if the ocean were actually made of beer. Later that night they patiently explained to my father over dinner that Belgian beer is shit and the only beer worth drinking is German beer. My father turned to me and asked where I found these guys. "They just showed up at my office one day and followed me home," I said. "And the amazing thing is that there is a whole nation more where they came from."


Joshua said...

Rhode Island is as pretty as the name implies.

MCMCMCLY said...

cups, are you noticing the distinct lack of coments round these parts? I wonder, did your hiatus send all the lurkers back into hiding, or is related to this silly blogger beta?

Cupcake said...

No, no, I think people can still comment. My theory is that the few readers I have left just haven't found anything of substance to comment on. My readers are a discerning bunch.

Inness said...

I am most amused.