Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Someday, I would like someone to explain to me the algorithm at play wherein my days get more busy when my boss is out of the office. Slammed, I tell you. Also, last night I got a hair cut that looked pretty cute when I left the salon but back in reality it looks awful. I blame the humidity. And also my father for passing along the genes that make your head shaped like a pumpkin.

Here is my restorative plan for tonight:

Yarn + Raging Bull + the rest of whatever bottle of wine is open, unless no bottle of wine is open, in which case I need to open a bottle of wine

Also, why didn't anyone tell me not to eat cookies at the Boss's desk??? The crumbs! I'm toast.

UPDATE: Nope, didn't happen. I was stuck at the office until after 8:00pm working on a project that would confound Sisyphus. It's nights like that when Brooklyn just seems so. far. away from Manhattan. When I got home I was peeved to see that the mail carrier had taken all of my mail, crumpled it up into little balls and then shoved it into my mailbox. Around here, we call that delivering the mail "Brooklyn style".


policate said...

Two words for you Compressed Air. (like you clean your computer keyboard with) Hides a multitude of sins! Our receptionist is absolutely addicted to it!

charles said...

Your hair can't be that bad oh.. oh.. uh oh my god!! Kill it kill it!!


Cupcake said...

Compressed air is handy and exciting, however it has its limitations concerning crumbs and also my hair.

John Q. Adams, generally it is considered poor form to tag someone else's blog with your own url, like tagging a subway car. It's awesome to you, but really it's only awesome to you unless what you have created is a work of art.

However, since your blog is about Jews and the Mafia, I've got to know, was I targeted specifically because you thought I might be interested or do you just keep clicking "Next Blog -->"?

ravingloon said...

That kind of mail delivery isn't restricted to NY...we have it in Berkeley, too. Except here, everything is crammed into little wads (bills, personal letters, etc.) except for the junk mail, which is smoothly and delicately laid into the mail box. Thanks, USPS!