Friday, June 23, 2006

j/k !!

After reading New York Magazine's Urban Etiquette Handbook, notably the question "What are you obligated to tell your kids when you write the will? If you're a kid, who can you ask about wills and what can you ask?" (Answer: "... don't be glib about it"), I am beginning to get the idea that the following statement:

Don't make me call your lawyer and have him assign me Power of Attorney. I've got him on speed dial. I'm sure he's got the document saved right on his desktop. It's all boilerplate, you know. All he has to do is click 'print' and I can nip this whole thing in the bud!

... was possibly not appropriate for Father's Day Brunch. Sorry, Pop.


acaligurl said...

your blog is better than watching a sitcom!! they should make a sitcom out of your blogs girl!!

policate said...

Cupcake. Have you read Citizen Girl?

Cupcake said...

I read Citizen Girl not long after it came out. I don't think I really liked it, but perhaps the fact that I can't remember either way is its own verdict. I do remember reading the firing scene and thinking, that is totally unbelievable. Now that I work in the New York corporate world, I hear stories like that all the time. I do remember hating the love story line of the plot and I also think The Nanny Diaries would have been better if it didn't bring in this same plot device to try to fit into the chick lit stereotype.