Monday, June 26, 2006

Believe the Hype.

This photo was taken from I don't really get it, but until I learn how to superimpose a cupcake onto the German flag (don't hold your breath), this will be the logo for my trip to Germany.

Believe the hype. Cupcake is going to Deutschland! I'm taking a much needed vacation and flying to Germany at the end of the month for nine days or so. This is very exciting because I haven't gone away for more than a long weekend since, oh, since Spring Break Senior Year in college, when you may recall I went to Chicago, known to the kids at MTV2 as Girls-Gone-Wild-on-the-lake.

At first, I didn't think I was going to be able to go because World Cup Fever and the rising costs of fuel has driven up the cost of Summer flights to Germany to over a grand, but then I found a highly restricted fare on Singapore Airlines for $780. Now technically, I don't have $780 either and it's all going on the credit card whose balance I can't pay off anyway, but somehow there was an amount I wasn't willing to pay more than and $790 was it.

The timing of this trip was based around the big 30th birthday party that G4 is throwing.
Der Man told me I could stay in his apartment that he keeps in Mainz which was great because it was a free place to stay for me. Then Der Man, who was also invited to the birthday part, decided that he wanted to go too. "Oh, can I still stay at your place?" I asked.

"Sure," he said. Then he decided that it even though he was going to be taking two and a half weeks vacation because all these Germans have so much vacation time it makes me want to hurl, it really made the most sense for us to fly over there together. After I booked my flight he asked me to book his as well and try to ensure that we sit together. Now, I'm a person who needs a lot of personal space and I nearly drew the line at this, but I figured, what the hell? One transatlantic flight together won't kill me. Now
Der Man is planning all sorts of little day trips for us in the Rhein River Valley. But we are not a couple. We just do everything together. But we're not a couple. We just behave like one. Get it? Next he'll want to go halfsies on the birthday present, I can just see it.

So, I will be flying into and out of Franfurt. My plan is to spend the first few days in Mainz and Koblenz and tour the Rheingau, then go to Koeln, (where
G2 has volunteered his mother to host me overnight), then it's up to Hamburg hopefully to kick it with LeBrookski to remind her that I am a lot less fun in real life than I am on this here interweb.

So I guess my question to all you Germans out there is "Are you aWAilable to spend some time with me on my WAcation?"


lebrookski said...

not to worry, i'm not that fun and exciting either...

Joshua said...

That sounds amazing. I wanna see lots of pictures and I mean LOTS of pictures.

Those Germans really love you, it's great.

By the way, I asked my German about Dr. Pepper and she was like eh, and then I asked about eletric pencil sharpeners and she said they exist there, but no one uses them and they are very expensive.

Cupcake said...

Josh, I don't know how to say this, so I'll just say it. Your German is a dud. Is it too late to get your money back? If not, see if they'll do an exchange for store credit.

Joshua said...

Yeah, I guess you're right and I'm pretty sure it is too late, even for an exchange. I mean her lease is up in a few weeks anyway, and then we have to send her back to Allemagne.

She's just not that zany. Nice though.

Muk said...

Can't you, like, do a half day assignment at the home office there and have them cover the airfare?

Cupcake said...

Hmm, you mean pop in for a half day and make coffee at the Home Office? What if the coffee machine is in metric?