Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Better Living Through Food Courts

One of the super sweet perks of my jobs is access to tons of jaw-achingly dull real estate industry trade publications. Yup. I'm even free to take back issues home with me. Hot. Mostly I just ignore the armloads of magazines, journals and news sheets we get everyday. Today the May 2006 issue of Shopping Centers Today arrived, an event that was difficult to ignore becasue this special issue probably weighs four pounds. Then, when I looked at the cover I almost threw up in my mouth.

The headline for the cover story says, "Better Retail, Better Lives". The cover, which you can sort of make out here, shows some brown skined people of ambiguous ethnicity shopping in a traditional open-air bazaar. Looming above them is a billboard with a woman standing in a traditional American shopping mall with the words "Coming Soon!". The article proudly describes how the Western retail model is being exported to developing nations.

"Like all revolutions, this one is bringing big changes to people’s lives. In
regions where shopping once meant walking to the souk or visiting the
neighborhood shopkeeper, people can now browse aisles of prepared foods at a
hypermarket and try on brand-name clothing at a mall — usually one containing a
cineplex. Shoppers have morphed into consumers, and consuming has become a
pastime. "

Yee-hah! Pesky indigenous culture out, Old Navy and McFood Courts in! Don't worry savages, you can thank us later.

Is it just me?

In other news, Jesse from Confetti in my Hair has started a new blog that will be soley devoted to his time spent working at a small-time newspaper in rural Wisconsin. I'm really excited for this one.

Also Catalogue of Ships, a fairly excellent little podcast, is evolving their format and is now accepting submissions from writers, performers, DJs and sound designers. I'm looking in your direction Jesse. And Lew. And Patriot Dave. And LeBrookski. Okay, I'm looking in several directions at once. I can do that. Get more information here.


jesse said...

Hey hey, thanks lady! I'm back to reading as well as writing...

Michael said...

Thaks for the shout out for Catalogue of Ships! We're getting lots of neat submissions and are really excited about this.

If anyone tried to get on the site earlier today, it was down. Sorry. It's back up now.

A said...

Hypermarkets, how I miss thee :)