Sunday, April 23, 2006

Okay. New rule: when a movie has "Love" in the title it should be a romance and not a ... not whatever the hell I just watched. I just viewed "Enduring Love" via Netflix and Jesus Christ, what a disturbing film. I guess I just assumed it was a love story and I saw that it had Samantha Morton and that scraggy Welshman who played the idiot roommate in Notting Hill and I was thinking, hmm, this should be a nice flick. Possibly I was also captivated by the hot air balloon on the post- I was very interested in hot air ballons as a child, although I don't think about them much anymore. Egads, now that I think about it, I had this film confused with Danny Deckchair.

It wasn't until the credits were rolling and I had a grimmace of painful shock on my face that I saw this was based on the novel by Ian McEwen. Well now, that explains a bit. Geez Cupcake, next time do a little homework before clicking the "Add to Queue" button. And I just watched Crash on Friday night, on the advice of my brother of all people. That was another uplifter. I think I need to go stick my head under the faucet now.


LaHipster said...

I fucking loved that movie. When I first moved here, I saw it by myself as a sneak-in double feature with Sideways, and I nearly threw myself in the Gowanus afterwards.

Cupcake said...

Of course. You would love that movie. Too bad there was no grizzly bear mauling in it- then you would have really creamed your pants.