Friday, April 07, 2006

No, no, no, you're ruining it!

We have long since known I'm not the only Cupcake in the blogosphere, but every new discovery takes another little piece of my specialness and clams on it. Just discovered, Cupcake Central, written by the eponymous "Cupcake". Also when we were at The Tattered Cover in Cherry Creek, I saw this new book Piece of Cake, written by a woman named Cupcake Brown. I believe that is actually her given name. God, what were my parents thinking with "Nancy"? Just think about all of the missed branding opportunities. This book appears to be about an abused child turned prostitute and gangbanger who saw the light and now works as an attorney and motivational speaker. Whatever I write in this next sentence will be construed as insensitive and in poor taste, so I'll skip it.

At the Tattered Corner, I picked up a copy of Ann Patchett's Truth & Beauty, the memoir about her friendship with Lucy Grealy. It's a very well written book and I'm speeding through it. This title was recommended by the ladies who brunch, who will reconvene this weekend chez Hipster. Can't wait, bitches, can't wait.

The fortune in my cookie today said, "Face facts with dignity." I just hope the "fact" coming down the pipe is not "Your writing sucks. "

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