Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mile High

Well, I have returned from my merry little jaunt to Denver, CO. I told people that if I had looked on the map and realized how far west Denver is, I would never have gone. I thought it was roughly as far west as Chicago, which is not far west at all. Then I looked on a map and went, "Oh Shit!". But then I guess I forgot again, because the whole time I was in Colorado, I thought I was roughly where Nevada is. It turns out, I'll save you the trouble of getting a map here, that Denver is further west than Chicago but not so far west as Nevada. I also have a theory about the weight vs. volume of an empty box, but I think I'll save that for another time.

It was a typical Cupcake trip in that it involved persistent nausea, airport nightmares and a roadside catasrophe but it still managed to be a great trip. I'll start posting photos tonight.

I returned to my office today and was pleasantly surprised that in my absence my colleagues managed to not burn it down, although it appears that tasks like restocking the fridge, running the dishwasher and opening the mail are just too much for them. Frau Foxtrot told me that she thought about running the dishwasher so that we could have clean mugs this morning, but she didn't want to do it because she is a woman and presumably this would have set a terrible precedent. Actually I do those things not because of a biological imperative issued from my lady parts but beccause they need to be done.

One of my co-workers made me a sign that says "WELOME BACK NANCY WE MISSED YOU." Sweet, right? Now read it again. Did I mention that these guys are genius businessmen?

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lebrookski said...

Welome back, indeed...we missed you as well. Also, got the new SAQ...huzzah for Cupcake!