Friday, April 14, 2006

Jesus + Cupcakes = The Perfect Easter Post

I'm awfully busy so in lieu of original content, I offer this video. The animation is breathtaking. Remember, I didn't say "breathtakingly good", I just said "breathtaking".


Sara said...

I think the outtakes are the best part.

I just found your blog, during efforts to avoid my schoolwork. Unlike most blogs I've found, yours is entirely enjoyable to read. You are a great writer, and very funny. You are hereby bookmarked.

In an attempt to get a better sense of you, I checked out your Amazon wishlist. That Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language is awesome--I bought the hardcover version (it's big, like a coffee table book) for my boyfriend for his birthday. He's not a writer, he's just really interested in the English language. He loves it. Anyway, I'm also pretty sure the first season of the O.C. is awesome too. I got that for my best friend. It has 27 episodes!!

Cupcake said...
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Cupcake said...

Thanks and welcome to the Cupcake Mafia.

Unfortunately, I don't think I have The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language on my Wishlist and I sure as hell don't have the first season of the O.C.. This begs the questions whose wishlist did I link to and how many unsolicited presents have I missed out on?