Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's Like Blogs for your Ears

Soon I'll be on another mini-posting vacation while I'm in Chicago, but you know I hate to leave you all high and dry. Recently I stumbled onto the magical world of podcasting (only a few years late) and asked you all to reccomend some good Podcasts. I've had time to check a few out and here are some that you should look into. For everyone that is as stupid as me please note: podcasts are free (mostly) and you don't need an iPod or MP3 player to listen to them. You can just listen to them on your computer like any sound file.

Catalogue of Ships
Short 9 minutes or so segments that are often (but not always) funny, poignant, beautiful and insightful. Recorded in Chapel Hill and mixed in Chicago. Hey, I wonder if that pear shaped guy knows this guy? I mean how many people live in Chapel Hill? Like what, 20? 40? Oh. That many?

Quirky Nomads
The premise is this family actually moved to Canada when they didn't like how things were rolling politically down here in Jesusland. Actually these are more slice-of-life/observational narratives but if you don't like your content with a side serving of pinko liberalism, you probably shouldn't bother.

Knitting themed podcast broadcast out of the same town in New York state where Mommycakes and MostFavoritePerson now live. Cool. This podcast is beloved by the knitting community.

All of these podcasts are "amateur" productions that impress me with their high level of sound quality and production values.

Also, I still have not received a single suggestion on how to celebrate the 50,000th Page Visit. Trust me, that day will be here sooner than you think.


Beta said...

Sounds like I should check out Catalogue of Ships..
Also, Cast-On is broadcast from Wales. Not sure of the town, but she moved to Wales several years ago from Portland, OR. I listened to her happily on my way home today. Her voice is so luscious.

Michael said...

I like my liberalism a more muted color, but Quirky Nomads does sound cool. I was thinking about doing the same thing after '04.

Thanks for the plug!

Cupcake said...

Beta, I think I got confused with another podcast that is broadcast from Croton-on-Hudson (a NY town with a British sounding name). Thanks for pointing out Cast-On is produced in Wales.

Gibson said...

Make your own podcast for the 50,000th hit!