Friday, April 07, 2006

Anxiety Attack Averted

I am sitting at my desk being hungry which is my new hobby. For breakfast today I had fruit salad and some non-fat yogurt. And coffee, or "live-giving fuel" as I like to call it. What I really wanted for breakfast was a Chocolate Cream Cheese Muffin. I've been hungry since 10:30am. Fortunately, I found some pistachios in my purse. I did managed to join the gym and then on the same day I provdied them with my checking account number I came home to find my accountant had sent me my completed tax forms and that I owed about $630 to the state and federal govemenment. That hurt.

I finished my draft of my article with the help of my cheerleaders LaHipster, who believed I could write this article before I could, and the Great Lewdowski who told me to just shut the fuck up and write it in his own speical way (I believe his exact words were, "Just shut the fuck up and write it). Nothing left to do now but revise, revise, revise. Thanks also to Stacey who sent me this fun link for knit dinosaur patterns.

So I guess now I can resume blogging about Denver and ... stuff. Sadly, in Denver we did not go to any of the places Kari suggested (selections that seemed to be based on former crushes and pancake syrup) but we did go to some nice places that's I'll name for any Denver buffs out there: Charlie's, a gay bar where we went for a Democratic Party event, this bar was all Brokeback Mountain before there even was such a thing as Brokeback Mountain; a bar called The Streets of London, The Tattered Cover book store and The Wizzard's Chest toy store and some other fun places like the UPS Store and a Kinko's. Really, it does not take much to amuse me. I continued to suffer from nausea because of the altitude or something, a condition that was exacerbated by driving around in Belstock's car with the manual transmission. Lots of shifting in them mountains. As far as my stomach is concerned, I might have well as been back on that hovercraft crossing the English Channel in February. Fortuantely, we remedied this situation by destroying Belstock's car.


Joshua said...

Well congrats on the draft being done. That is actually really good advice for everything: just shut the fuck and get me a beer; just shut the fuck and make me dinner; just shut the fuck and write it. Brilliant.

Cupcake said...

And Congratulations to Josh for getting into some fancy graduate program. Even though I don't actually believe in Grad School, good on you!

Joe said...

I'm no longer one of Drew's nameless roommates, but have been formally nicknamed. I have officially arrived.