Monday, March 13, 2006

I Knew I Liked This Guy

Over at The Daily Dump, the Belligerent Intellectual has written a masterpost about Funfetti.

"Then came a particular day, I don’t remember exactly why or how it came about, when I was walking around the food store and came upon the aisle with the boxed cake mixes. It might be the closest I’ve come in my life to what religious people call an epiphany. I could buy this cake mix, bring it home and bake it for myself. Then I could eat the whole cake. This could happen, and no one would ever know that this happened. Second only to buying my first bottle of vodka instead of stealing it from my parents liquor closet, buying my first boxed cake mix ranks as one of my most prideful adult moments. Nothing says independence like a man who goes off to college and bakes himself a cake JUST BECAUSE HE WANTS ONE. (My A&E Biography would be riveting, I know.)"

Entire post here.

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