Friday, February 17, 2006

My dress arrived from J.Crew yesterday. I just tried it on. It does not fit very well, basically it is too tight in the hips and it bunches up top because I have no torso. I have no idea if these things are fixable with alterations. I guess the search now begins for a good local seamstress, and I should press on looking for other bridesmaid dresses. Damn, I knew that was too easy.

The dress was delivered to my office yesterday as we were having a farewell party for G4 in the conference room. All of our conference parties have the same protocol: everyone stands around drinking wine out of mugs, because we're down to only three glasses. I had to keep throwing glasses out, because my boss accused me of always giving him the chipped glass; I told him I wasn't passive-agressive like that, I tend to be more agressive-agressive. For entertainment, everyone laughs at me and I say stupid things to the Boss. Then we wait around for the phone to ring so we have an excuse to scamper back to our desks. I love it.

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