Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Wedding Crap

Boys, feel free to skip this post.

Further pages of note from my wedding net wanderings:

About my fear of exposing my boobs to the priest: Diva Dots

I like this dress company too, it's called Simple Silhouettes and their showcase is in Manhattan, I think Smarty and I should check them out, but I've been looking at their "real weddings" photos of the dresses in action. What do all these weddings have in common? Gigantic wedding parties! In some of these photos is looks like the lady in white is comanding a very colorful army. Six bridesmaids? Ten? Clearly these brides did not know anyone as special as me.

It can't be this bad. Right? Etiquette Hell: the many bridal incarnations. Poorly designed site, bizarre stories.

A Maid of Honor Blog! Damn, beat me to the punch. The Maid of Honor Chronicles. Note: the wedding this blog chronicles is set for the same date Smarty and FribsinCharge chose. Spooky. And shit, she's already got a serious To Do List going. Oh no, random blogger, you will not out-Maid of Honor me.

Please help me, I can't stop.


Lexa said...

Nancy, it can be that bad re: bridezillas. I am in a wedding this year and she sent out an email months ago (more than a year from the wedding date) with "action items" and to do lists for the day of the wedding. This list included: make sure nothing on the no play list is played, make me a scrap book, bring my dress to storage, be on hand to fix my make up at all time, etc. These tasks were deemed upon us. Sadly for the bride, the email was somehow forwarded all over the internet and made it's way back to me. She doesnt know, but I sort of wished it would have made it's way into her inbox...

Cupcake said...

Speakin of all that craziness, here's a question for MOH Vets: it seems like there are a lot of responsibilities for the MOH at the reception, ie. feeding the bride, changing the bride, burping the bride, etc... Am I going to have any fun at the reception or should I just accept that this is not my day to have fun; this is my day to serve and protect?

Lexa said...

I think it is your job to help out and pull the bride aside if she is a sweaty mess. But I also think it is your job to remind her that she will still be married if the wrong song is played or if Uncle Milt is drunk. And isnt really starting your life with someone the whole point?

Sheena said...

It's definitely not as stressful as some of these things make it sound.

You can absolutely have fun/get lit/what have you.

You should be there if she needs something, but mostly letting her have a fabulous time with friends, family, and the new husband is the order of the day. You will dance with the best man, offer a toast, get her drinks. Her whole family will be hovering around her, so I think it's best to be the exception that rule.

Or maybe I was the worst MOH ever. Hard to tell, really.

Stacey said...

It is not that bad - The only time you really need to help the bride is during the ceremony. Its A LOT of picture taking (you with the bride, you with the bride and groom, you with the bride, groom, his parents, etc.) If your bride is smart she will have all of her pictures taken between the wedding ceremony and the reception. After that its all about celebrating!!! Dont forget your toast :) You will be fantastic!

jesse said...

Why do you think guys would have no interest in DivaDots?

Cupcake said...

Jesse, feel free to enjoy the Diva Dots. Won't help with the Peek-a-Boobie problem, but at least I won't be sporting headlights if it gets chilly in the Church.

It's certainly not my intention to hang all over the bride at the reception but so far I've seen MOH guidelines that include: make sure the Bride eats, have the caterers keep her plate warm, bustle her train, help her change into the going away outfit, dance with everyone to get people on the dance floor, collect the disposable cameras, collect the Bride's gown and put it in storage, make sure elderly/infirm/blotto guests get home safely, direct people to the restrooms, circulate the Guest Book, collect the gift envelopes for embezzlement, I mean, safe-keeping, etc.. I'm thinking, how is this possibly going to leave me any time to seduce the groom's single out-of-town friends? Maybe I should just flash my boobs to save time.