Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Excerpt from the World's Stupidest Overheard Subway Conversation

I was going to provide some context, but I believe this stands on its own.

"The difference between Junior and Julio is that Junior is spelled just like it sounds."
"Julio is spelled like it sounds."
"No, Junior is spelled like it sounds."
"Julio. H-U-L-I-O."
"No, that's not how it's spelled."
"H-U-L-I-O. That's just like it sounds."
"No, Julio has a "J". Like Junior."
"J-U-L-I-O? Oh man, I didn't know that."
"Yeah, that's why people think Chinese is so hard to learn and shit, but really English is the hardest language to learn. Because it has so many words that aren't normal. Like Julio, with a J."


MCMCMCLY said...

Oh how Phonix has failed us again. I would have spelled it W-H-O-L-E-E-O-H (I-G-L-A-Y-S-E-E-U-S).

rachel said...

holy crap.

this is my favorite conversation that i haven't heard directly ever!

thank you thank you thank you.

my day has gotten infinitely better...

Cupcake said...

Right, this also begs the question, how did they think "Junior" was spelled?

Yes, this conversation is truly a work of art. Initially you think, wow, that's a stupid conversation. But the more deeply you ponder it, you realize that we are dealing with record-breaking levels of stupidity here.

I overheard this on the 6 Train going to work, my back was to the offenders and my eyes were practically bugging out of my head. I locked my gaze with a fifteen year old girl, and even she was giving me a look like, "Can you believe this dumb shit?".

Muk said...

Nance, you have to submit that to Overheard in NYC - http://www.overheardinnewyork.com/

Cupcake said...

Yeah, I thought about submitting it to Overheard in New York, but then I tought, what's in it for me? Because that is the way I think.

Muk said...

Hmm, well you could have said that the sighting was from "Tales of the Cupcake Mafia." A little self-promotion never hurt anyone... except that one time when a little self promotion burned down an orphanage.

But I digress...

Stacey said...

Thats okay everyone that my mother in law has introduced me to has though that my name was Daisy (which is how she pronounces it) when she tries to pronounce it the proper way it comes out Esdacey

Cupcake said...

Speaking of self-promotion, Muk, when can I expect your next Babelfuck post? I've been waiting for a post for weeks and you tease me with this two line Wiki joke? Player, please.

Muk said...

There should be some Babelfucking this week. Apologies for the delay. I aspire to Cupcake posting frequency levels, but alas, so many barriers.