Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"constantly craving cupcakes"

In the mail today I got a birthdy package from BBRUG that was so sweet and unexpected. It is the most adorable cupcake Mix N' Match Stationary. It's lovely, makes me want to write letters to everyone I know. Also, BBRUG who is just so design savy has really cool return address labels. I notice these things. Oh yes, I do.

Also I just noticed that the
Cupcake Queen, who always delights and amazes me, and makes my cupcakes look like Betty Crocker's turds, is selling "52 Cupcakes" merch at Cafe Press. My favorite is this apron, although, in my kitchen, that would stay white for about 3 seconds. You can buy it here.

I should make some
Cupcake Mafia stuff for Cafe Press. Oh wait. I have no cool logo. Or design talent. And no one would want to walk around in a pink cupcake t-shirt, except for me. And I already have one (Thanks again, Ved!). Okay, that's one less thing I have to do.


LaHipster said...

1) I think you could ask our brunchie design friend for a logo. Like this Sunday.

2) Your new stationary is much better than this, which I think would be hard to write on.

Cupcake said...

I'd feel silly asking, you know, she's a busy professional and I'm a broke-ass hack.

Those notes are not sufficiently cupcakey for my liking. Mine are better. Do you have any special birthday wishes?