Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Change Here for the N, R, W and Q Train

I was changing trains at 14th Street Union Square tonight and I passed a mime- a lady mime dressed in red and black and the full-on traditional mime make-up. Now, I'm accustomed to seeing many things in the Union Square subway tunnels: Scientologists, Jazz Combos, Michael Jackson impersonators, a guy that plays an amplified ukulele and so on. But a mime? Jesus Christ. Can you think of a tougher city in which to be a mime than New York City? When I walked by, there were two people near the mime, not actually watching her performance, just in the general vicinity of her. It looked like one person stopped to watch her and the other person, a drunk, possibly homeless, had accosted the would-be spectator. He was saying, "I know you. I know you." As I passed, the mime looked at me; I smiled, but I didn't stop. Because, well, come on. A mime.

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