Monday, February 20, 2006


"How far does $100 go in New York City? Seriously, that's a fart and a stick of gum."

Today we are going to talk about "Sunday Funday", or as I like to call it, "Brunch Plus". Brunch+ is the brainchild of LaHipster, who is as happy as a clam if you sit her in front of a plate of lox. The Brunch+ agenda is this: a long, leisurely brunch with all the mimosas you can drink, an afternoon spent drinking in neighborhood bars, and an evening meal usually consisting of fried food. To participate, you must have copious amounts of time and cash, good alcohol absorbtion and the willingness to anchor yourself at the Brunch table despite the line of impatient patrons stretching out the door.

The reason that Brunch+ is so fantastic is because of the amazing women LaHipster invites, although the $5 screwdrivers served in pint glasses don't hurt either. These women are highly successful creative professionals and rising stars in the publishing world. Oh, and me. They can be giggling over the shaggy waiter in one instant and earnestly discussing literature in the next. You can ask them everything from, "Am I using the right shade of powder?" to "How do I ask my boss for a raise?". If you think there is something wrong with your boyfriend, they will confirm this. If you think there is nothing wrong with your boyfriend, they will disabuse you of this notion. These ladies are also getting things done. They do more over brunch that most people do in their twenties. An assistant was sought and found, a cross promotional relationship formed, creative services were bartered and potential matches were made. These babes are kingmakers.

And seriously, did I mention the $5 screwdrivers?

It was a Park Slope cliche- brunching at Sotto Voce, immediately followed by a stop at Loki, where, remarkably there was only one other person in the bar at 2pm on a Sunday. The across the street for more drinks at The Gate and dinner at The Chip Shop. This day was made possible by PrincessofDarkness moving to the Upper West Side, because otherwise the probabilty of running into her at The Gate was just too high. Thanks for a great day, ladies. See you again next month.


LaHipster said...

Is it bad that I may have laughed so hard I leaked just now?

Cupcake said...


Irina said...

Um, that only other person at Loki on a Sunday? Was he engrossed in his laptop? That was my fiance...banished from our house so that my daughter could host her first tea party.

AJWP said...

This post makes me nostalgic for "Book Club," an activity organized by a small group of Smithies who moved to Boston after graduation. We got together under the pretense of reading books, but in reality it was an excuse to drink, talk trash, and cuss. I salute you and your Brunch+ pals for carrying on a fine tradition!

Cupcake said...

Oh my God, that was totally your fiance with his laptop. I was thinking, I know people take their laptops to coffee bars, but this guy just went straight to the bar! We actually felt very badly, bedause we sat down near him and we being quite loud, I don't know if he was able to get some work done. After an hour or so, I think a (cute) friend met up with him. Too bad I didn't get a photo of him, that would have been hysterical!

How was the tea party?

Irina said...

The tea party was great...I sort of covered it in my blog (that wasn't shameless self-promotion, I promise).

Trust me, you were not too loud. He wasn't working...he was watching battlestar gallactica. (Yes I'm marrying super geek)

Oh, and his friend is a total cutie, I agree.