Sunday, February 19, 2006

Boyz II Cupcakez

Tonight, for the first time in my life, I under the lyrics of the Boyz II Men song, "End of the Road"; I have been listening to this song for about 13 years.

I have been watching Greg the Bunny all weekend on DVD, not the current version of the show that is airing on IFC, the first series that aired on Fox. Damn this show was good. Ah, but then I' m a sucker for puppets.

After the J. Crew dress didn't fit, I took my measurements and using some size charts online I learned that I am statistically improbable. Great. I went to Serene Rose in Park Slope today, they carry the Lynn Lugo line of dresses. The proprietress of the shop said, "Can you take your coat off so I can see your body?" this was followed by, "You need a 'A Line' design, we've got to do an "A Line" on you." This is dress-shopping speak for, "Good Lord, how did you even fit through the door frame with those hips?". Then I was told the dressmakercharges an extra $50 for my size. This made me sufficiently feel like a circus freak.

Later I visited Kimera on 5th Avenue, and I'm thinking maybe I'll have them do a custom dress for me. Or maybe I can just wear a burlap feed sack, as befits someone my size. But you know, with a contrasting organza sash.

The good news is that the gym a few blocks from my house which was an independent (and by all accounts a sucky gym) is now going to become a Crunch Fitness. I seem to recall my company offers discounted gym memberships with Crunch; looks like it's time for Cupcake to join. Joining is the easy part; paying for the membership stings a little, but the hard part is to actually get my cupcake ass to the gym.

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