Monday, January 30, 2006

Riddle Me This

Last night I watched the movie Spellbound, a documentary that follows eight kids on the road the the National Spelling Bee. Although this movie came highly reccomended from EdithVed, I put off watching it because let's face it, the National Spelling Bee kids are weird and they kind of freak me out. However, watching this movie you kind of remember, oh yeah, all 13 year olds are weird and some of these kids are actually complex, compelling characters. One thing I learned from the movie is that if you are a girl and you want to be good at spelling, you have to wear big round glasses. This is my problem. I only sometimes wear glasses and when I do, they are a pinched oval shape.

Now, here's a question for all you English majors out there, how much freakishly warm weather do we have to endure before announcers stop reporting, "It will be unseasonably warm today at 53 degrees" and just start saying, "In keeping with the nutso weather we've been having, it will be 53 degrees. On January 30th. Let's face it, we're screwed." Because it seems to me, this weather isn't "unseasonable" any longer- this is the new season. Expect plague of frogs falling from the sky soon.


jesse said...

I love that movie. Nicole strongly identifies with the really weird bespectacled little dude who blinks a lot.

Sheena said...

It seems like that's a question for a philosophy major. At what point do we stop trying to keep January in the proper season of winter?

As an English major, I object to unseasonably because I hate adverbs. But, I guess as long as they don't say "Some individuals find the unseasonably warm weather situation to sometimes be troubling, such that they find they no longer have to utilize their winter outerwear solutions." Someone starts busting out that shit, and I'm gonna beat them to death with my Strunk & White. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I love Spellbound.
"do I sound like a musical robot?" -Harry.
Happy Belated birthday!

Cupcake said...

Thanks, Hudsaruso. For the record, Harry did not sound like a musical robot. He sounded like a weird little boy who was going to have a hard time makin' it with the ladies. But again, perhaps all 11 year old boys are that weird? I suppose I could surround myself with 11-year old boys to find out, but spending time around Middle-School aged children makes me want to shove a lit birthday candle into my eye.

Middle School Teachers of America: I don't know how you do it.