Friday, January 13, 2006

Lock up the Cupcakes. Cupcake Returns.

In just one hour, I will grab my suitcase, leave the office and head to Penn Station where I will take a train to Springfield, Massachusetts, of all goddamn places. The point of this is to visit Smartypants, one of my best friends who I haven't seen in months and who just announced her engagement. Smartypants lives in Northampton with her fiance, the same town where we went to school.

I'm getting a little nervous here. I haven't been back to good old' Noho (sorry Jesse) since graduation. On purpose. Smith and me didn't part on good terms, or rather, we were on good terms, but only cause we were parting. I couldn't wait to put that place in my rearview mirror. Of course, my beef is with the school and not so much the town, but now that I'm getting ready to go back, I have a sick perversion to revisit the campus. Will it remind me of good times Senior Year with the ladies of Chase House? Or will I puke? Time will tell.
And you can bet your ass that while I'm there I'll be sampling all the cupcakes the Pioneer Valley has to offer.

G4, who is a find specimen of the German of the Month program if a little quieter and shyer than his predecessors, had me going nuts with laughter at lunch today. We are working on a business plan for him wherein he quits his current job and becomes an Importer/Exporter for Germany and New York. The Import to New York? Kinder Surprise Eggs. The Export to Germany? Sweet N'Low. Trust me- this is hi-larious.


Anonymous said...

I trust that you will call Bizzy if you have a "I'm freaking out because I am having a bad Smith flashback" moment. Just remember, you go home to Brooklyn not Park House.

jesse said...

PARK HOUSE 4-EVA! I used to bring buddies to parties at that dorm so we could meet those legendary sex-starved hetero-Smithies. We found the well to often be dry. Or poisoned.

Joe Lew said...

I like your blog, Nancy. It's much better than Dave's, although his is delightful as well.