Thursday, January 05, 2006

In Other Hood News

It's official. Prospect Heights was named Neighborhood of the Year on Surely this victory is due in part to Candicissima successfully peer-pressuring drunkies to vote for our scrappy ProHo, but the better part of the win is due to the fact this hood just f*'in rocks. Unfortuantely Curbed readers don't agree (sore losers).

One commenter wrote this about my area code, "I'm sorry to disappoint, but the hype is totally unjustified as the neighborhood mostly sucks - too spread out, too windy, desolate and dirty. Vanderbilt Ave is totally overrated - the bars are weak, a ghetto supermarket (Metfoods), segregated schooling, crime and awful might have fallen under a demilitarized zone in Ghostbusters."

What's not to love??

Of course, the above person is a moron; there are some good bars and retaurants here and the MetFoods is typical of any Brooklyn supermarket I've ever been in. What people don't understand is that the greatest thing about this neighborhood is the people. When they're not mugging and assaulting each other, of course.


VBeta said...

Wow, the commentary on that ProHo thing was crazy. Scuse me for asking, but what's DUMBO stand for?

jesse said...

down under the manhattan bridge overpass. I think.

Cupcake said...

Jesse is correct. DUMBO is overrated in opinion but it is notable for having Jacques Torres' first Chocolate shop in New York and a great little park you can sit in while you pig out on amazing European style chocolates.

And it's walking distance to Grimaldi's. So that's something.