Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cupcake Carnarge

It's 9:00pm on Sunday and I've been baking since 4:00pm. Here's a roundup of the situation: I baked 24 devil's food cupcakes. They're beautiful- they look great and they tast great. It was a very creamy recipe calling for buttermilk. Then I baked 24 golden cupcakes. The batter tasted delicious and promised they would be a little dense, like a pound cake. Look at the above result. Just look at it! Like other cupcakes I have made in the past these rose way out of their cups and bled into each other so that they had square tops. Then, as they were cooling, their little domes fell so they were flat. Some of them hadn't cooked through and when I tried getting them out of the pan, nearly a dozen totally fell apart. This was not a good moment in cupcake history. I thought I might cry. But I perservered. I baked 30 mini Cheddar and Pepperoni muffins. They look very cute. Then I totally freaked out and used a mix to bake 24 vanilla cupcakes. These came out looking very cute, but I'm worried they'll have no flavor. I also remembered I had about 9 peanutbutter chocolate chip cupcakes in the freezer. There is a good chance that by the time Saturday arrives I will never want to see another cupcake again.

Also, while I have been in the middle of this monster baking rutsch, I've also been painting a large piece of furniture. I've had to really concentrate so as not to drop a dripping paint brush into a mixing bowl or stick a spatula in a can of primer. I swear to God, next year, no party.

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