Thursday, December 15, 2005

Introducing PatriotDave!

A certain situation cannot be overlooked any longer. Dave has a blog! Dave is one of the great kids I met when I went to visit Drew in Minneapolis. But now Drew is moving to Denver, so when I want to see Drew I have to go to Colorado. When oh when will I see Dave now? PatriotDave, just suck it up and move to New York like a normal human being. Anyway, Drew is moving so Dave will be lonely. So for Godssakes people, read his blog. You can learn about the fascinating world of retail management. Example:

"Today was also our annual catered "Holiday Dinner." Not much to speak of here, we just have lunch catered in for the associates, and ask them to enjoy, but not to eat too much 'cause this party was expensive, and if you eat too much we just won't have a party next year, but your all doing a fabulous job (except the ones we fired this week), keep up the good work!"

Another kid I met in Minneapolis was another guy named Drew (aparently there are only three names in the Midwest and they must be recycled.) Drew2 was nice and everyone liked him. Now it seems he has moved back to his family farm to lend a hand and started a blog about it. Since I don't know anything about farming, I thought it would be cool to keep up with this blog.
Here's a good, introductory post.


MCMCMCLY said...

Thanks for the free advertising. Funny you should mention NY, I recently applied for a job with Penney's in Jersey City which I will liekly not get. And now that I have mentioned it publicly, my chances are exponentially smaller. So nevermind that I guess. But yes, everyone should read my blog, its great! (mediocre at best)

LaHipster said...

That chick has a triangle head.

Joshua said...

That guy's blog is great, but sad because the American farms are dying. I've seen that Ben and Jerry's commercial, I know the score. Then I heard something on NPR this morning that might have been about that too, but not sure 'cause I had to leave for work. The point is, that guy should win a Pulitzer. That sucks his family might lose their farm.