Thursday, December 22, 2005

Further Adventures in Midtown

It looks like the strike is winding down, but there is no word yet when service will be restored. People are anticipating a minimum of 12 - 24 hours to get opperational again. In a perfect world, I could get back to Brooklyn tonight, babysit Medusa's kid, go home, unpack, do some laundry, take care of my apartment, repack and get to Grand Central tomorrow night by 4pm. Anyone want to weigh in on what the chances I'll be able to pull that off?

The Midtown apartment where I'm staying is a doorman building. Obviously, this is a new experience for me. Did you know doormen actually open the door for you? As soon as they see me getting off the elevator, they jump up and go to the door. Honestly, this makes me feel a little weird. It's okay, I can get the door myself!

As promised, I decided to watch "
Deal or No Deal" from start to finish last night, to see if I could figure out this "international hit" or if I would have to jump out the window. The show is actually making sense to me now- really, all the idiot contestant has to do is pick numbers. But depending on the dollar amounts revealed, the Banker Man (dark shadow in a booth, I'm telling you this show is queer) uses math, presumably, to decided how much to offer the contestant to buy their case back. This has potential to be interesting, because it uses probability and risk/game theory. So then the idiot contestant must answer, "Deal or no deal?". The audience is never any help because all they do is yell "No deal! No deal!". After all, what the hell do they care? They can also ask their friends and family who sit behind them and are mic-ed up. The family sometimes offers good advice, but mostly just stresses the contestant out. Like real life. The woman who was on last night was crying from almost the instant she walked out on stage. It did seem like she would not survive this process and keel over right there in primetime. I guess this makes the show "compelling" but I think it really makes the show "needlessly stressful" and makes me "thirsty for booze".

Also of interest in the show: Howie Mandel, now with soul patch and pirate earring. Why Howie, why? Also, my dad says that he actually has a full head of thick, black hair and just chooses to shave it all off. How my Dad would know this, I don't know. And The Models. When the contestant picks a number "Number eight! That's my birthday", Howie says, "Okay, number 8. That's Lisa," or whatever. How can Howie keep straight which model is which, especially when they all look the same? He could just say, "Okay, good choice, number 23. Let's go to Angeltits and ask her to open the case," and no one would be any wiser. PS There is a model named Nancy, but this is not me. Don't be confused.

Then I watched the finale episode of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Now, of course I am familiar with the original Apprentice show. I think I remember hearing about "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" but I thought it was a joke. Or I guess I thought it was in development. Little did I know, this turkey was on the air and about to have its big finale episode. Now, I like Martha, but I won't break my neck on national tv trying to get a job with her. Also, there was no good Martha stuff here. The big projects were putting on a fashion show and staging a circus fundraiser. That's not why I turn into Martha, folks. Show me someone making their own marshmellows or trying to blow the yolk out of an egg. I really hate reality television, by the way. Anyway, the scariest part of this show was the woman shown above, Alexis Stewart. Wait, didn't I see you on the Smith rugby team? Alexis Stewart was scarier than the pedophile on last night's Law & Order: SVU.

Just one gal's opinion.


Carazy Cashew said...

Hello Cupcake! I'm glad you took my advice and watched a whole contestant play, I know which one you are talking about who cried the whole time she was playing it was so annoying. I keep vowing not to watch the show but for some reason I'm drawn to it... it could also be the fact that I do not own cable and that is the only channel that comes in clear...I know what you're talking about with the models. How does Howie keep their names straight?? Its nice that he does know their names and takes into account that they're more then models who hold up hard covered cases with a paper money amount inside them. But really who is really giving a flying hoot what the models name is all we want to know is whats in the case! HAHA. Anyway have a good trip home! Merry Christmas!

Joshua said...

Hey, out of respect for you, I tried watching some of that show last night. Perhaps because it was in the middle of the show, but I had no idea what was going on. But I also thought it was really stupid. I like game shows that involve trivia. Though the models were a nice touch.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to tell Alexis Stewart that she is a lesbian.