Friday, December 09, 2005

Cupcake, What the Hell Happened to You?

Oh Sweet God, here is a short version of the story.

Sometime Wednesday night our office lost all connections to our main server thus lost all email and Internet connections. It was just now repaired, late Friday morning. This plunged the office into chaos and darkness with many people upset and yelling.

Thursday night was our Parent Company's Holiday Party, the likes of which I had never before attended. Oh God ... much fun was had, things seen, alas, words cannot be taken back, now, let's never speak of this again. We're going to have to give G3 a brain wipe before she returns home so that she can never report to the home office on what her eyes have seen.

Woke up this morning with a terrible hangover. Damn you, Taotinis! Looked out the window and saw - snow storm. Hangover + snow storm = terrible commute. Finally arrived at the office this morning soaking wet and felt like dropping to my knees and vomitting in front of my desk. Could barely keep eyes open... so nauseated... turns out, my colleagues think this is actually kind of funny, oh, they are showing no mercy on Cupcake! I tried to put the phone on the floor under my desk where I could lay down there, but the cord didn't reach. Thank god the Boss is in the air on his way back from Duesseldorf. More irrate phone calls back and forth with German IT, I don't understand anything they're saying to me in German or in English.

Oh God, I just want to go home and crawl into bed and never, never leave but I have a hot date tonight with JustJohnny. Someone make the nausea subside. Pray for Mojo!


Anonymous said...

It was fun commuting with you, though.

And you didn't tell me you had a DATE...

Cupcake said...

Oops. Perhaps I should have clarified that my date tonight is with HomoJohnny. Didn't mean to get anyone too excited!