Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Long Live the Queen.

Don't be fooled by the title of this post, no, I won't be congratulating myself on all the achievements I have reached in my first year at Die Bank. Rather, this is a post about my friend Queenie. I got to see Queenie on Saturday night when I was home in Rhode Island. Now, Queenie is noteworthy for many, many reasons. She can fit her fist in her mouth and she informed me that I may have asked a guy to beat up a retarded kid in high school (I maintain that the kid was not retarded). Queenie also is responsible for helping me set up my Dad with his current girlfriend. But today we are going to praise the HQ for her Holiday Open House.

Queenie is a Big Sister and has decided to adopt her little sister's entire family for the holiday season. She is having a holiday party this month and is asking her guests to bring toys to donate to the family, which I think is a great idea. Then, to make it easier for her guests, she set up a Wish List on Amazon.com. This also ensures that losers like me who are unable to attend the party are still able to contribute. Queenie makes it so easy for you! And then, having already removing your laziness as an excuse, Queenie will look you in the eye and ask, "You'll buy a toy for my family, right?" Of course I will! She even got my brother to participate! This is the same brother who I believe initially only agreed to attend the party because he believed the Toy Drive was to benefit him.

If anyone wants the information for the Amazon Wish List for the family Queenie is sponsoring, send me a private email. Queenie, I realize now I forgot to include a note, so when the Cranium Balloon Lagoon shows up at your house, it's from me.

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Queenie said...

I am speechlessly obsessed with you.