Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Addendum to the POD Story

Last night, when I was on the subway with Princess of Darkness, I told her about how I felt sharing Bizzy's apartment with her two new cats. POD was distressed by this episode because by the end of it, I was in tears and she couldn't tell if they were tears from laughing so hard or ... just tears. I don't think she was paying attention to what I had to say at all, because she kept interrupting me every five seconds to say, "Are you on your medication?" and "No, seriously, did you run out of pills?"

I said, "No really, I think I can turn this into a brilliant essay. Do you have any idea who would buy it?"

"No one," she said. "No one would would ever publish what you just told me."

"Nerve?" I asked. "Do you think would buy it?"

"Well, Hitler is dead, and that would be your total target audience, so no."

That reminds me. Maybe I should go check out Overheard in New York and make sure none of our fellow passengers were listening too closely.


Candicissima said...

Unless you had some sort of erotic fantasy about the cats, I'm thinking Nerve isn't the way to go! :D

Cupcake said...

Perhaps Nerve was the wrong market. My fantasies for these cats were hardly erotic, but they did involve bondage (theirs).