Friday, October 07, 2005

People are Ridiculous

This email was forwarded to me from Bizzy. Since I don't really know the people involved, I can only guess she sent it to me because she knew I would enjoy the ridiculous nature of this mass email sent out by the happy couple. Kinda makes you want to barf, no?

Dear Family and Friends,

Big news! Christos proposed and Alexandra said yes. The setting was the beautiful Vizcaya Gardens in Coconut Grove, Florida. The music was a single violinist playing as Alexandra walked hand in hand with Christos down a rose petal laden path to an arch. Last night we celebrated with our families at a private party organized by Christos on the sly. Everything went beautifully and we are both so happy. Unfortunately, Alexandra was unable to call anyone to spread the word because her phone was locked in her car which had been towed earlier that day due to unpaid parking tickets, typical. So you see, some things never change and some change very much. She looks forward to calling everyone when she retrieves her vehicle from the towing company later today.

Christos and Alexandra

PS Pics of the day to follow.

So, since we're feeling the romantic spirit around here, I'd like to make an announcement myself.

Dear Readers,

Big news! Cupcake and Funfetti are betrothed! The setting was the Met Foods on scenic Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn. There was Muzak playing as Cupcake strolled idly up sticky aisle number six. Feeling lonely and hungry and seeing the brightly colored can of frosting on the shelf she figured, why not? The celebration will take place probably sometime on Sunday when there is nothing good on Public Radio and I have blown through my cash allowance for the weekend. Unfortunately, I was unable to call anyone and spread the news, because I realized how pathetic it would be to call my friends and tell them I bought a cake mix. So I decided to blog about it instead.

With love,
Cupcake and Funfetti

PS Pics of the Big Day to follow.


Candicissima said...

Ugh...that engagement notice is totally barf worthy. Luckily, my friends and I are bitter harpies. But, congrats to you and Funfetti!

Cupcake said...

Funfetti and I will be consumating this evening. You know what they say: if the apartment is a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'.

Jamie Carin said...


Are you an funfetti registered anywhere? Where should we send gifts?

Cupcake said...

I'm thinkin' I ought to purchase an At Home Do-It Yourself Liposuction Kit. Then in lieu of gifts, you could all volunteer to come by for an hour an take turns sucking the fat out of my ass.