Monday, October 17, 2005

Oy Vey. The Rabbi's gonna Tanz his ass off at this one.

Planning update for the Fall Holiday Party at the Boss's House:

After he told me that I was in charge of putting together the Office Jeopardy game and I told him, "Right, like I would trust anyone else to be in charge of that.", Boss told me that he had already purchased the pumpkins for the pumpkin carving. "There's a theme though," he said. "It's a real estate theme. Everyone has to carve something to do with real estate into their pumpkin."

I swear I am not making this up. So, I made my eyes go real wide and nodded my head to keep from saying something stupid. "Okay," I said and remembered the tip LaHipster had given me last night. "I know a place online where we can design our own pumpkin stencils and print them out."

"No," said the Boss. "Everybody has to design their own. You have to use your imagination!"

Perhaps I should point out that prior to this my Boss has exhibited exactly no evidence of being crazy. Real Estate-theme pumpkin carving? This was the man who vetoed my pumpkin seed spitting contest and the pinata. Germanofthemonth doesn't even know what a pinata is! I could barely describe it to him because I get so excited just thinking about pinatas that I stop making sense.

So my new plan is regardless of the party at the Boss's house to hang a pinata in Prospect Park before G.O.T.M. has to go back and have a little party where we whack the hell out of it. Even if it is just me and G.O.T.M..

It is the least I can do.


KateBklyn said...

You've inspired me, I want to have a party with a pinata, and lots of vodka (not directly related), where can I get a good one that won't break the bank? And obv once I determine how to make this all happen you are so VIP.

Cupcake said...

KateBklyn, I have one word for you, and I think you know what that word is going to be. That word is Target. Everytime I go to Target I always check out the pinatas. A Target pinata ranges in cost from $7.99 to $12.99. And since you're already there, you can go nuts buying stuff to fill it. There is no better investment.

If you're going to have a pinata, and be drinking, natch, I would recommend trying to do it outside. Last year at my birthday party I nearly took out a floor lamp, a mirror and two NYU law students.

Jamie Carin said...

Nice use of the dancing rabbi comment!

Kari said...

Your Target has pinatas? Man, Hunstville sucks even more now that I know that. Although to be fair, the Target here sells yarn and ribbon, which I like a lot. I got a funky pinata last year from