Thursday, October 13, 2005

German of the Month

Okay, so my company has just started a program where they are sending us a Credit Analyst from the home office in Mainz, just for a month, then he goes home and they send us a new one. Rotating Germans, if you will. And the Bank is putting them up in a lovely studio apartment in Midtown with lots of ammenities and I feel compelled to entertain them. I really like the guy we have now, but in a few weeks who is to say the next one won't be a jerk? I've already explained to GermanoftheMonth the club "of the month" concept; I like taking him out and watching him order "a regular bagel, roasted" and I'm happy that he feels comfortable enough with me to tease me. I was brushing my hair when he came in this morning, "Oh, it is like looking at the Lorelei!" he said. "Don't start with me, GermanoftheMonth."

Really, G.O.T.M. is great and I wish I could have him as an older brother, but that doesn't explain why I just found myself saying to him, "Oh Waaa! Poor GermanoftheMonth! Shall I make the baby noise again?"

"You don't understand me," he said as he retreated to his cubicle.

I so love having guests!


lebrookski said...

dude. i want a german of the month. seriously.

Cupcake said...

I'm not going to lie, German of the Month is pretty great. I recommend that everyone get one. If you don't happen to work at a large multi-national German bank, then in your hiring contract negotiations, demand that the company send you a rotating German every month for your amusement.