Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Traveling Cupcakes

Damn, it's another busy day at work. I hate those! Fortunately, I have some photos from some traveling Cupcake Mobsters.

This photo was taken by an old friend of mine from high school who was inspired by this blog to visit Citizen Cupcake on her recent trip to San Francisco. I was hoping for a nice moneyshot of her stuffing a cupcake into her face, but this will do. If you're out there FattyKnees, write in and let us know how the cupcakes were.

Here we have my good friends Bizzy and the HappyHobo celebrating their one year anniversary in front of a Deluxe Mystery Hole somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. That about sums that up. The HappyHobo has the distinction of being the only one of my friends' boyfriends who faithfully sends me postcards from wherever he is. Also, one time when I was staying with them, I got the runs really bad while Biz was napping and I had to break the news to the Hobo as I ran back and forth to the bathroom doubled over in pain. He didn't laugh at me too badly. Anyway, what I'm saying is that he is a keeper.

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