Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We Interrupt This Blog with Breaking Muffin News

This is a blog about cupcakes ... but sometimes it is a blog about muffins.

The green straw oasis has, and presumably will continue to have through the Fall Season, a Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin. With toasted pumpkin seeds on top.

Do not ask me how I know this.


maia said...

nanc, in honor of you i ate two cupcakes this's only 10 o'clock.

Cupcake said...

You've made me so proud. What kind of cupcakes? I was going to mail you out some slippers, more like adult sized booties. Or would you prefer a fuzzy scarf? Please advise.

maia said...

A gift for me! Adult booties sound good. I have new floors in my house (that i am buying tomorrow) booties will be useful...although i love decide. And as for the cupcakes...homemade white cake and chocolate frosting. Nothing fancy, but damn good! Both times:)