Thursday, August 25, 2005

This is a Blog About Cupcakes

This is a blog about cupcakes and boy am I glad I discovered this site which includes a brief history of cupcakes. The next time I am in Chicago, I am totally hitting up this sweet little cupcake bakery with its 36 varieties of cupcake. Mint Chocolate Chip? Chai Tea? Chocolate Covered Strawberry? Yes, please. List of rotating weekly flavors here. Anyone in Chicagoland is invited to drop in and send us a review.


Addie said...

you are right, that sounds awesome... bring me back a few when you get up there

*new reader from "next blog" button

A said...

Oh, hey there's a spread (a centerfold so to speak) that I think you might really enjoy in this months In Style mag. I think Jennifer Garner is on the cover

Cupcake said...

Bought In Style on my lunch break. Hooray for pay day. Still looking for my center fold.