Thursday, August 11, 2005

City Smackdown

Okay, Jesse's right and NYC should definately lose points for dumping our shit, literally, on poor folks in other parts of the country. But lots of people here actually do give a fig for the environment. The New York Times just ran this story about Habana Outpost, an eco-friendly cafe in Fort Greene, Brooklyn featuring "an awning made of solar panels, cups made of a biodegradable corn-based plastic, plates made of sugar cane fiber and tables made from recycled soda bottles". But the piece de la resistance was a bicycle-powered blender - guests could mix up their own drinks using only pedal power!

The only problem? Someone stole the bicycle.

What do you want? This is Brooklyn, for Chrissakes.

1 comment:

John Connors said...

Hasn't anyone told you London is building a city on it's shit, or is planning to? Methane is the new black ;)