Wednesday, August 10, 2005

City Smackdown

Introducing a new inter-blog collaboration between myself and some dude named Jesse. Now, I have never actually met Jesse, but he is a friend of a friend who maintains a cool blog (a little heavy on descriptions of what he ate today) who approached me with this idea. We will each periodically post competing anectdotes about our respective cities, New York and Boston, to see which city rocks harder. You crazy kids can fight it out in the Comments. I'll kick things off.

I have to thank Princess of Darkness for bringing this to my attention. This is an apartment listing from Craig's List, I'll copy the text here since you know those CL posts expire after 10 days:

"Great value! Spacious converted 1-BR in Upper East Side on a quiet tree-lined street. Easy access to FDR. Laundry, parking and private basketball court in building. Sounds too good to be true? Here's the catch: it is a walk up. Don't come see it if you can't walk up 81 steps. Also, the toilet is located in the kitchen between the refrigerator and stove. The toilet works fine for #1, but if you make #2 you will need to use a trowel to break your droppings into smaller pieces."

New York: people are willing to battle their own feces with small gardening tools just to live here. Beat that.


A said...

i would only deal with fecal matter that up close and personal if it meant i lived on eddie vedder's ass. is that gross? it is isn't it.

jesse said...

It's all so difficult when the New York is so undeniably vibrant and alive and when the person you're competing against is so hilarious.