Friday, August 19, 2005

And Now We Come to that Age Old Question:

To date Staten Island or Not to date Staten Island?

Staten Island. If you said to me, "I'll give you 500 bucks if you can get yourself to Staten Island within the hour", chances are that I would not become 500 dollars richer. Most days I don't give SI any thought at all, although Little Brother did recently inform me that Method Man is from there. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, Little Bro.

Ye Olde profile which still occasionally garners some attention actually just got noticed by a guy who seems normal and interesting and is my age and is showing interest in me. The only catch? Yeah, he lives on Staten Island. So, do I go for it? I guess the real question is, do I pony up the $29.99 to join again so I can be in communication with this guy? Here's some info: he's 24, works in computers and seems successful, enjoys traveling, reading and music, is half Italian (broke it down between 1/4 Siciliano and 1/4 Napoliano)... what do you think? Keep in mind I am: watching my pennies, regularly misanthropic, the worst dater EVER, pretty much resigned myself to spinsterhood.


Beans said...

ah, pay the money, you never know.
If you dont youll be at home wondering, "what is I paid the money and he's a decent dude?"

Leah said...

You should start a donation program through paypal - that way you do not have to pay for it entirely and your faithful readers can add money, just think of it as research for your blog.

Leah said...

And another thing, have you seen these?!?!