Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You can Do-Si-Do in my Belly!

My Boss's wife came in and delivered four boxes of Girl Scout cookie's I ordered from the kids back in February, I think . It was so long ago I had forgotten about them, remembered, then forgotten again.

"Sorry I'm so late in delivering these," she said. "They're on us." She wouldn't take any money for them! And don't even get me started on the price of Girl Scout Cookies today. Amazing. Like mana from Heaven. It was like Christmas Morning and African Debt Forgiveness Day all rolled into one.

Can you guess what's for dinner tonight?


Leah said...

I swear if I lived in NYC I would offer you such a pretty penny for those cookies - they are like crack to me and I can never seem to get enough, even though I order enough boxes to take care of a small army.. They just go away so very fast and then I feel remorse for eating EVERY SINGLE COOKIE I purchased. I even pruchased cookies from multiple girl scouts, stopped when I saw them at the bank or the groccery store I had to stop the car and raid the cookie table, it's disgusting.

Cupcake said...

Carrying the cookies home on the subway, the train had massive delays. We kept stalling out, and sat for about 20 minutes on the Manhattan Bridge. I starting thinking about how much I'd let those cookies go for. I decided I'd give up the four boxes for Fifty dollars. Cash. No one made an offer.

Leah said...

Those idiots!