Monday, July 25, 2005

Me and You and Miranda and Rosencrantz and That Guy Over There

Let's see. What did I used to blog about before obsessively posting about my new apartment? Well, I used to do stuff. Wait! I still do stuff. Like last night I went to see Me and You and Everybody We Know at BAM the beautiful new film by Miranda July. And, EdithVed, I must say I was not once tempted to call it "this year's Sideways".

The cast includes some beautiful children including this boy who has one of the greatest lines in cinematic history about "pooping back and forth".


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I'm so glad to know someone else who's seen this film. The kids were my favorite too Don't know if this will work as a link (still haven't learned how to do all the cool stuff) .... but, I enjoyed this film too, good stuff!! Mrs. S